Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Michelle Pfeiffer forces a re-write of "TSG"

Eagle-eyed audiences who have checked out our poster have noticed the reference (in the bottom right corner) to "St. George: The Patron Saint of Singletons?"

In the act, TSG does indeed riff on the subject of George Clooney and what he teaches us about single life.

In fact, The Single Guy reveals the complex formula that allows you to calculate your bachelor friends' "Clooney number" ... and why, although he has been married, George Clooney has a very high score.

But Michelle Pfeiffer has now revealed that we need to recalibrate the formula. Her bet with Clooney about if and when he will marry again is up to $100,000, a considerable bump from when we invented the formula.

It's probably not the last time "Get me rewrite!" will ring out at Darkbloomz HQ....