Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Did they steal our cover idea...

...and travel back in time and print this The Harvard Lampoon (1972) parody?

Apparently, you can buy the real deal via eBay: the current price is $14.95 plus $5.00 S&H. Which is about what we're going to charge for The Single Guy posters ... if our lazy PR person [ahem] ever gets his act together.

The centerfold in this "issue" of the Lampoon/Cosmopolitan: Henry Kissinger.

The Boston Globe has the story:

What kicked off the magazine's emergence into a more flamboyant sense of humor was the 1960 parody of the literary magazine the Saturday Review. Editors at Mademoiselle liked it so much that they asked the Lampoon staff if they wanted to do a parody of the fashion magazine's notoriously slow-selling July issue.

The idea was to take the essence of Mademoiselle - demure, fashion-conscious - and spin it. So the Lampoon editors stuck a fly on the nose of the cover model's Audrey Hepburn-like face. An ad for a svelte woman with gargantuan feet asks: "Why does she look so trim? It's her new Merrimold. It redistributes fat discreetly."

The success of that first fake issue led to requests from Mademoiselle for two more summer parody issues. Emboldened, the Lampoon guys (the magazine had an all-male staff until 1972) romped through the whole world of publishing, parodying Playboy, Time, Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker, and The New York Times over the next decade. The most memorable was the fake Cosmopolitan magazine in 1972, which featured a "centerfold" of Henry Kissinger (his head, someone else's naked body).

(Hat tip to Gawker)