Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Single Guy: the guy

About the star of the show:

Real name: withheld.

A photo.

Aliases: T; G; TSG; Guy; My Guynocologist (used by TSG's former girlfriend on the phone: "Sorry, mom ... I can't come over and help you make cucumber sandwiches for your Tupperware party -- I'm seeing My Guynocologist this afternoon. And he's seeing me, if you catch my drift." When she had to bail again the following week, said former girlfriend had to explain to her mother that it was for an appointment with "my gynecologist ... you know, the guy I pay to look up my dress.")

Age: forty-something.

Is he really single? Yes.

But divorced? No, never married.

Turn ons: What's not a turn-on?

Turn offs: People who use "like" too much in conversation. Unless it's as part of a simile.

Children: None (pretty sure).

Baseball card: bats right, throws right.

Felony convictions: none.

Philosophical orientation: Marxist-Lennonist.