Thursday, August 9, 2007

about the act

The Single Guy is a one man comedy that explains once & for all why that guy is not married.

Everybody knows him. He's the guy who is same age as your hillbilly cousin who has 8 grandkids, yet The Single Guy has no kids and has never been married.

And everybody thinks they know why he's single ... even though they may actually know little about him.

Finally, here's the act that breaks it down and puts an end to all that idle speculation.

It's invaluable -- and funny -- information for men & woman, married and unwed, alike.

The poster
gives a preview of some of the angles The Single Guy talks about in The Single Guy.

Also check out our frequently asked questions.

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And there will be more soon here at the producers' blog, including accounts of men who should've stayed single and others who are smart to have married. Watch this space....