Saturday, August 11, 2007

frequently asked questions

If The Single Guy were a movie, what would it be rated?

Probably PG-13, maybe even PG. There is no violence in the show, and all the language would pass muster on network television. The show is about married couples and people of marrying age who are single, so any person old enough to see the humor in those themes should enjoy the show. Anyone who failed to get the jokes and innuendo on a TV show like, say, Seinfeld, is probably too young --or too old -- to enjoy The Single Guy. It's safe for your grandmother, too ... if you have a cool granny.

Will the play explain how
this charmless guy was ever considered the world's most eligible bachelor?

Unfortunately, that is a question that has defeated the most powerful supercomputers and the smartest philosophers, and the definitive answer eludes The Single Guy as well.

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